Who are we?


Him: Jeroen

Former job: Electronics engineer - Team Lead
Life motto: The journey is more important than the destination
Hobbies: Fishing (proven to be a useful hobby), astronomy and photography


Her: Nicolette
Former job: HR manager
Life motto: Don't wait for tomorrow to start enjoying life
Hobbies: Endurance sports and a good night sleep afterwards

How did we come up with this plan?

At home on the couch we were watching one of our favorite television programs: "Floortje naar het einde van de wereld" where Floortje met an Argentinian family who traveled around the world for many years now in an old timer car, had a couple of kids on the way and loved the life they led. They said that they kept postponing their dream, waiting for the right time to come. That right time didn't come and they were still at home 7 years later. They decided to follow their dream and set a date that was one year ahead, so it was far enough to not be so scary, but soon enough to start planning the trip right away. 


For us this was very inspiring and we promised each other the same thing, set a date, and began planning. First thing we wanted to do was to buy a car. We started our search on Marktplaats, checked it on a daily bases after a couple of weeks found out that cars that are reliable and strong enough for such a journey, were not on the market in big numbers. We continued our research and found the car we loved.


Read all about our Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ75 from 1995 in: Preparation - The car. 

What was our plan?

  • Buy a car big enough to live in, but lean and strong enough to carry us over mountains, through riverbanks and over sandy or rocky roads
  • Prepare the car, technically and practically
  • Save enough money to last us at least one year
  • Plan a route
  • Take a 4x4 training course
  • Arrange the documents, insurances and gear we need
  • Take care of the needed medical preparations
  • Learn about survival skills from fellow overlanders
  • Go on a try out holiday, and make adjustments to the car and the gear accordingly
  • Give up our jobs
  • Rent out our houses
  • Arrange someone to take care of our cats
  • Sell our boat and extra car
  • Set up a website, inform family and friends 
  • Say goodbye, and leave ......

How to contact us

Best to write an email to: nspeerstra@hotmail.com 



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